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In some cases we may want to get some data from websites to use in our apps or software we are working on. Let’s say you are following new ‘Upcoming Events’ on the Python website but you don’t want to go to the website every time to see whether there is a new upcoming event on the website. In order to handle this problem image that you are working on a python bot which sends an email to your mail address when a new upcoming event is published on the Python website. In this case we usually use APIs and…

If you are reading this article I think it’s quite possible you’ve heard something about edge detection and Roberts Cross Operator. But if you are looking for a brief explanation about what is the math behind Roberts Operator and how to use it in Matlab, you are at the right place.

Edge detection is a process in order to find some regions where the image has boundaries. It measures the rate of change in brightness in an image. What we are doing here with edge detection algorithms is the process for find the amount of the difference between pixels in…


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